Okay, I’m 1for 3 in the getting up early to exercise thing. I totally got up this morning. Was about to go, and just decided to get 20 more minutes of sleep and voila it was 7:30! I brought my gym bag to work so I can go straight to the gym after work. Going home never leads to good things-well sometimes, but certainly not in regard to fitness. Today I’ll be running and doing upper body strength training.

I’m currently on the lookout for a good half marathon training schedule, if you know of one please pass it on. In the meantime I think I’ll scour the internet for other peoples expertise. I read a great book on Marathon Running: The Non Marathon Runner’s Guide for Women, that is hilarious and good running motivation or non motivation at some points. There’s a training schedule in there, but I’m not 100% convinced that that’s the one for me, I like to explore my options. Meanwhile, I have a bajillion years, well eight months, till the half marathon I’m doing, so I don’t need to freak out.

Here’s the food fodder:


2 eggs scrambled
Whole Grain Toast
Grape Juice


Lentil Soup