It seemed like last night was more like a Friday, I was out way to late for aschool night. The night started out with a production meeting with The Daily Special Crew and our producer over at Conde Nast. And that’s all I’m going to say about that ;), then I went home changed and went out with my new roommate, who is a friend of mine, and we met up with some of her friends and her crush, and had a couple of beers and talked till way too late. Finally got home around 2am and no, I did not go running this morning. Tonight however, my dinner plans were rescheduled as one of my friends is sick, so I’ll work out after work, then I’m heading up to a the Upper West Side for a party with people I don’t know-but heck, that never stopped me before. We shall see where the night shall take me.

I’m currently unable to access the internet at home, so I won’t be posting again till Monday when I have access to my work internet.

I was lazy and tired this morning and did not make my lunch so I’ll have to buy that, but here’s a look at last night’s super nutritious dinner and today’s breakfast:

Dinner 9.4.08

Hot dog



Kashi Go Lean Cereal with 1% milk
Grape juice


Hot & Sour Soup
California Roll