Okay, so I’m back at work. Ehh, I’m so over being a responsible working adult. Is it too late to be born into a wealthy family and get a trust fund?

For those of you that like the Cooking with Kim segments on The Daily Special, or just want to know how to make my Kale and White Bean soup, here’s a link to yesterday’s episode: http://elasticwaist.com/2008/09/cooking-with-kim-kale-and-chic.php

Kat: Yup, I’m an Emerson Alumn. I was the class of 2004, know anyone?

Lara: Thanks so much! Your blog is great too! I added it to my blogroll. Keep up the great work!

If anyone else reading has a fitness or weight or food related blog you’d like me to add to the blogroll here, I’d be happy to, you can email me at kim@kimberlyraemiller.com with your blog info.

I had my first level 2 improv class last night. I really liked my old instructor-this one is going to take some work in warming up to. You can just kind of tell that he thinks he’s a big deal. There’s also more women in class than men, which is weird in improv-it tends to be a male dominated field. It’s quite the interesting dynamic. This should be an interesting social experiment to say the least. I was pretty exhausted last night when I got home, so a healthy dinner wasn’t exactly in the cards for me, I mean it wasn’t awful-but not exactly nutrient dense:

Dinner 9.2.08

2-97% fat free hot dogs (I know hot dogs are gross but they’re sooooo good!)
Sauerkraut & mustard
Orange crystal lite
(I totally feel like I’m in college again with this meal-also crystal light is really good with rum for those of you that are looking for a lighter cocktail alternative. There was no alcohol in the beverage above.)



I woke up super late this morning-this was the quickest breakfast I could manage
Kashi Go Lean Crunch
1% milk
Grape Juice


Salad with lettuce, tomato (fresh from my mom’s garden), cucumber, chickpeas, beets, hard boiled egg
Lite red wine and vinegar dressing (not pictured)
Apple sauce

Tonight I’ve got an exercise video on the schedule for this evening, and I’m going to make a batch of homemade yogurt, probably late at night so it will be done when I wake up in the morning and ready to be refrigerated. I’m so domestic. It’s actually my only night in for the rest of the week as I’m booked solid through Sunday, so I shall revel in what little downtime I have.