First of all let me say that I have some of the best friends that have ever existed.  Not only did they wander around IKEA with me for hours, but they drove me to Brooklyn and helped me put together all my furniture and decorate my apartment.  I was so busy arranging things and cleaning stuff up I didn’t go to bed till 3am, which meant waking up at 1pm.  So my picture of breakfast below is really more like lunch.

Here’s a peakat my new and girlier-improved apartment:


I can’t figure out how to get my cereal out of the gallery, but I guess my breakfast is a part of the apartment 🙂

I’ll probably spend the rest of the day organizing and picking up some odds and ends.  I have an exercise DVD scheduled as my exercise for today.  All in all it should be a fairly productive day.  If I have time later, I’ll go back and do a weekend in review and post some of my food from this weekend.  Meanwhile here’s my breakfast/lunch.  I really do need to pick up some fresh fruit, it makes me a little cranky when I can’t have fruit with breakfast.


Kashi Go Lean Crunch Cereal
1% milk


Chocolate Milk


2 97% fat free hot dogs
2 whole wheat buns
Salad with lite vinaigrette