Well, yet again, I took off tomorrow, not to vacation, but because I need to bring my Mom to the doctor. She can’t drive, and my dad doesn’t have the same sort of flex sick days that I do, so shucks I’ll have to have an even longer weekend. I’m meeting a friend and a friend of a friend for lunch today, I was going to go back to Long Island with them, but instead I think I’ll go home, do an exercise video, clean up a bit and take a later train. I feel like I have so much house stuff to get in order.

Speaking of house stuff, thanks for you feedback yesterday. Paint intimidates me-but it may just be time to get over that fear. I think an accent wall here and there may be in order. The good thing about going out to LI this weekend is that there are people there, friends and family who have cars and may just love me enough to drive me back to Brooklyn with things-like furniture-that I need. There may be many a puppy dog-eyes and pouty lip bestowed this weekend.

Last night I went out for pizza. Now normally I eat pizza a couple of times a year, but it seems like I’ve eaten it quite a bit this summer. I’m not generally a pizza lover-but the pizza last night was really, really good. The picture is of a personal sized pizza and yes I ate the whole thing, albeit more out of principle than of hunger, I was pretty full. To counter my eating last night, I’m trying to eat on the lighter side today. Get my body back to some sort of equilibrium.

Dinner 8.27.08

Cheese Pizza



2% Greek Yogurt with Peach
Orange Juice


I’m getting pretty hungry here waiting for my friend to call and say she’s off the ferry from Liberty Island. I’ve lived in New York my entire life and I’ve never been to The Statue of Liberty. Sad. I should do that one day. Until that day comes however I wil have a snack. Good thing I keep a stash of Kashi Go Lean bars in my desk.


Half Turkey Wrap
Seafood Gumbo


Kale, White Bean and Chicken Sausage Soup
Chocolate Milk

Alrighty, I’m off to Long Island.  I probably won’t post till later in the weekend, but I’ll try to do a weekend in review when I get back.  Have a great Labor Day weekend Everyone!