Well, the crew of The Daily Special will be arriving at my apartment momentarily to shoot the first episode in a while of Cooking with Kim.  I really do love the cooking segments, but they’re so hard to schedule.  I adapated my kale and white bean soup, adding chicken sausage.  We shall see how it turns out.

I’m in nesting mode.  My apartment is almost completely empty.  I want to buy things, to make it pretty and girly.  If anyone has any decorating tips, where to get cool cheap decorative items, do-it yourself housey stuff, please pass it on.  I’m somewhat of a novice when it comes to decorating.

So far today I’ve only had breakfast, so this will be a post as I go sort of day.

Breakfast 8.27.08

Whole grain english muffin
Turkey Bacon (can you tell I’m trying to get rid of this turkey bacon?)
Lite Cheese
Chocolate milk with 1% milk and low sugar chocolate mix