Things are full swing ahead in regard to moving in my apartment. I’m not going anywhere, but my roommate of 4 years is moving out to go co-habit with his girlfriend in Los Angeles. He was a good roommate-I’ll miss him. I’ll also miss his stuff. The apartment was fully furnished when I moved in. I bought his couch, tv, and the lawn mower (even though I really didn’t want it), and some other stuff off him, but I need to get some decorations stat. I find this to be somewhat nerve wrecking really. I’m sort of self conscious that I don’t have any style. I mean I have my stuff in my room that’s very me, but I’ve only ever decorated my bedroom, not a whole apartment. I need to get art, ART, lots of ART. And a coffee table. Some shelving. Possibly an arm chair. Currently my television rests on cinderblocks, which is way cool but not particularly girlie and I’m thinking of adding the slightest hint of estrogen to my space, as it’s been pretty testosterone heavy these last few years. Also, if I could win the lottery so I an afford to decorate in the manner I wish to that would be great.

Last night was much later than I expected. Drinks with some friends, all of whom recently left an Obama fundraiser. I’m actually one of the 13% of Americans that is undecided politically so far, I’m leaning toward one candidate, but really need to do some more research, and see who the third party candidates are before I can make a decision I’m totally comfortable with. It was good to hear their opinions. I do like to hear what people with rational thought processes have to say about politics, the problem is that so many people just yell and get so angry that I feel cowed by political conversation much of the time. Voting is super important, and not something I take lightly. When I was studying abroad in college, the only mail my family sent me was my absentee ballot-and that was for a local town election. After drinks and political talk, I met up with some other friends who were finishing up dinner and we got another drink. Two drinks (one with the earlier group, one with the latter) and I felt toasted-what has happened to my tolerance people? I finally got home around 1am. Not good Monday night behavior, bad Kim.

Tonight I’m headed to New Jersey after work for a screenplay reading. My friend Stacy (who used to work on The Daily Special, when it first started and was more sketch comedy based) wrote a screen play, and is hosting a dinner, reading, talkabout tonight. She wrote the main female role for me, which is so sweet and wonderful, and I’m so honored. So, that will be the festivities tonight.

Dinner 8.25.08

Udon noodles in miso broth
Bok Choy


Breakfast 8.26.08

Unsweetened Cranberry Juice
Whole Grain English Muffin
Organic Peanut Butter

I haven’t been grocery shopping, so I have to rely on the delis of lower Manhattan for lunch today. All I know is that I got a call from Aunt Flo and she’s going to be here in a couple of days, and until then I’m cranky and bloated and crampy and only want to eat chocolate. I wonder if they make chocolate covered sushi? Chocolate covered sandwiches? Mmm. Chocolate.

Lunch 8.26.08

Tomato Soup
Half Portobello Mushroom Sandwich