Well this has most certainly been an eventful week. I mean, one need only look at my freezer to see that I live a somewhat bewildering life:

I’m telling you: if you want random free things-write stuff on the internet. Also, if you want a klondike 100 calorie bar-come over, I’ve got plenty.

Today is my Friday so to speak, after work I’m meeting up with some friends for happy hour and dinner. My friends main goal in life is to land a finance man, so I’ll be serving as wingwoman for her, which shouldn’t be too hard since we’ll be hanging out with pick up artists-if they can’t help the situation then the situation is probably hopeless. After happy hour we’ll be meeting up with others. It may be a long night, I’m going to try and nurse my drinks, because I really do want to cut back on drinking and it’s just stupidly expensive to go out sometimes. Then tomorrow I’m heading out to Long Island for a sleepover with my besties and then birthday festivities for my dad-who turns 62 on Monday. Meanwhile today is a birthday of another color-today is my friend Becky’s birthyday-Becky if you’re reading this happy birthday!

Okay, enough of the shout outs, here’s the food:


Smoothie with soy milk, banana and peach
Grape juice


Kale and White Bean Soup (next time I make this I’m going to use more broth)
If I need a snack I may have that yogurt I didn’t eat earlier in the week.