I never want to see a cookie again. I must have made hundreds last night. Okay, not hundreds, but around 50, which I split between my tummy, a fed ex care package to a friend, and the crew of The Daily Special this morning. After all that baking, I so didn’t want to make soup last night, so that will be a project for tonight. Tonights activity will probably be an exercise video for personal use and review for Elastic Waist. We shall see.

I had a pretty hilarious happening this morning. I got to work and was immediately given a giant box of Ice Cream by the very nice fed ex guy. A representative from Breyers/Klondike wanted me to try some of their new low fat ice creams. I thought I would be sent a single container, but no, I’ve got whole sale icecream quantities right here. Now I have to figure out how to get it from work to home without it melting. This could prove interesting. I may buy some ziploc bags during lunch to fill with ice.

Here’s the food breakdown:

Dinner 8.19.08

Like clockwork. A week and a half before my period every month I want red meat.
Corn on the cob



Whole grain english muffin with strawberry preserves
Hard Boiled Egg
Grape juice


I pretty much always want Asian food.  This was a really yummy lunch, but I’m craving fruit or vegetables to balance out the salt from the soup and soy sauce.
Vegetable Rolls
Egg drop soup


Kale and White Bean soup
Whole Grain Bread