Well my big confession is that I did not photograph my food this weekend because it would have just seemed strange and inappropriate in the given circumstances-but for the most part I ate pretty healthy and there was exercise had.  Also sun.  I religiously use sunscreen, spf 50, and I’m still a little burnt.  I’m wearing a strapless bra and tube top today just because I don’t want anything touching my shoulders.  It’s really not that bad, but still a little sore.  All in all it was a really pleasant weekend.  My friends parents were great hosts, we went to a high-falooten cocktail party with a governor in attendance.  Went out to a club.  Sat on the beach, walked around, went swimming.  A great summer time weekend.

I must say this whole being employed thing is really cramping my style.  I have this harebrained scheme that in 9 months to a year I’d like to go freelance.  I’m going to be taking some writing classes and I’d like to just write from home, that will give me more time to audition and get back into the acting world.  But I’m going to try and save as much as I can now.

Back to blogging the food.  I’m not sure what I’ll be doing exercise wise tonight.  I was planning on a spin class and cookie making tonight, but my plans may be sidelined.  As for food, here’s the roundup thus far:


Grape juice
Whole wheat english muffin
Lite Cheddar cheese
Two slices Turkey bacon


Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and tuna.
Yogurt with strawberry