Cam: I think you may be right about the anemia.  I was tested a few weeks ago to give blood and they said I was anemic, which is something I’ve struggled with in the past.  I’ve been trying to eat more meat and green leafy vegetables.  I do have a bottle of iron pills in my cabinet, I’m trying to avoid being the supplement queen.  Thanks for your wise insight.  I love the cooking segments too, and we do have another one on the docket.  It should be airing around labor day-I’ll try and remember to let you know when it’ll be up.  They tend to be the hardest segments for us to schedule because they require me to take off work.    Thanks for your compliment about my skin, to be honest I use Oil of Olay-I know right?  I figure if it’s worked for generations of grandmothers everywhere, it’s good enough for me.  I try and remember to put an eye cream on before bed, and every other day I put Philosophy’s Vitamin C powder in my moisturizer (every day seems to be a little too abrassive for my skin).  I hope that helps.

I’m heading out to the Hamptons this afternoon.  I didn’t actually make it out there last weekend, but this should be a more low key weekend anyway.  I haven’t been to the beach all summer.  Be prepared for me to look like a lobster on Tuesday’s episode of The Daily Special.  I’m obsessive about sunscreen because I’m very fair skinned, but I usually get burnt somewhere along the way.

Last night I had a date, went out to dinner and a movie.  Dinner turned out to be much bigger than expected.  I’d asked  how big a soup was, because I was considering getting it for an entree, and the waitress said it probably wasn’t big enough for an entree (which it totally was) so instead I ordered an entree, but they brought me the soup too!   By the time I went to bed last night I was about to burst.

Appetizer 8.14

Vegetable Summer Rolls


Spicy Chili Lime Seafood Soup

Entree 8.14

Pad Ped with Chicken (bamboo shoots, peppers, carrots, string beans in a coconut red curry sauce)


I’m going to try and take it easy on my digestive tract this weekend.  My friend and I plan on swimming and running this weekend so at least I’ll get some exercise.  Plus, I’m pretty sure people are too chic to eat on the Hamptons.


Low fat granola with half a banana and 1% milk
Coffee with splenda and milk

I hit the gym today, ran and did some upper body strength training.  That made me feel a little more prepared to dorn a bathing suit this weekend.

I can’t upload the picture for some reason

Sandwich with 1% cottage cheese and tomato on whole grain bread (yes I eat very strange things)
2 hard boiled eggs

I’ll try to do a weekend recap come Monday.  Have a good weekend ya’ll.