I’m not sure whose body I’m living in currently, but it sure as hell doesn’t seem like mine. I’ve been sleeping so much. I’m not sure if this is a reaction to being sick or just my bodies way of telling me to slow down. The upside is that my skin, which had been starting to look a little dull is looking much more radiant, the bad news is it’s making my exercise schedule seriously confusing. I finally did that exercise DVD review last night, and it was actually a super fun video-the review will be up on Elastic Waist later today. It was good to get moving, but I definitely passed out at 9pm when it was over. I was going to get up and run this morning pre-work, but again slept late-till 7:30. I think I need to do a scheduling overhaul. My body obviously does not want to run on 4 hours of sleep a night any more, but I can’t let my gym time dwindle because of it. I think this weekend I’m going to have to go over my schedule and see where I can make some improvements. It may be time to implement a bed time (wow, I’m such a 10 year old). Some friends and I are signing up for the Cincinnati half marathon in May, and I’ll be doing the American Lung Association Stair Climb again in April-that means a lot of training this year. I better get myself on schedule.


Coffee with 1% milk and splenda
Whole grain toast, 1 egg, 2 slices turkey bacon and 1 oz lite cheddar cheese.
Grape juice (not pictured)


Salad with lettuce, beets, carrot, turkey, avocado, walnuts and hard boiled egg. Dressed in balsamic vinegar.

I’m seeing a movie and grabbing dinner at a Thai restaurant tonight. Thai is pretty greasy, but there’s usually a broth based soup optioned on the menu that is relatively healthy. We shall see.