Rene, thanks for your words of wisdom. Trust me I was not at all offended, there are certainly more offensive things you could have inferred besides that I might possibly have sex sometimes. 🙂 I have included cranberry capsules into my morning routine as of yesterday. I also read that vitamin C helps prevent UTIs so now I’ve got a big ole jar of vitamin C chews on my night stand. I’m declaring war on my urethra.

I had a slight fever last night and was feeling pretty exhausted, and ended up falling asleep at 7pm. Which again meant no exercise DVD. I’m seriously lacking on my commitment to DVD reviews. I slept late today, considering I was shooting, sleeping in till 6:30. I did however wake up from my 11.5 hour sleep marathon feeling a million times better. Modern medicine is a wondrous, wondrous thing.

Today I WILL DO THAT FRIGGIN DVD!!! It needs to happen. I will space out my daytime snacks today so I won’t be hungry when I get home so that it’ll be the first extracurricular activity on my agenda. Meanwhile my late start to the day derailed my oatmeal and egg plan and I went for a quicker breakfast alternative:


2 Slices whole grain toast with 1% cottage cheese
Pure cranberry juice and lemonade mixture


Tall skim latte (not pictured)
Salad with lettuce, tomato, tuna and lite red wine & olive oil dressing

Dinner and a Latte

Garden Salad with lite vinaigrette
Grilled Salmon in a Cajun seasoning
Corn on the cob (that may seem like a lot of corn, but only half of each cob was actually good, the bottom parts were sort underdeveloped)

I made espresso in a stove top percalator, heated some 1% milk stove top and foamed it with an immersion blender.  Added some sugar free vanilla syrup and cinnamin and voila-homemade vanilla latte.