I was off yesterday, so didn’t blog.  I really have been somewhat lax on my food blogging-it’s somewhat hard to manage the writing for Elastic Waist and here, but I’ll get the hang of it, slowly.  I’ve decided to play around with my protein levels and see how that effects my energy.  That mainly means egg, fish and nuts, because I do try to keep meat to a minimum.  Of course this doesn’t mean I’m going on a low carb diet, I love carbs and would never even consider eliminating them.  But, having been told repeatedly that I’m anemic and being exhausted much of the time, I think it may be a good idea to shake things up in the protein department.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:


Two eggs
Two slices turkey bacon
Once slice whole grain bread
Cranberry (pure unsweetened) juice mixed with lemonade.


Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and tuna.  Lite red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing.

I’m going to try and do a Belly dancing DVD tonight.  I have another UTI (seriously, I should join a support group or something) and although I started antibiotics, there’s still a bit of pain, which means running seems like the least exciting thing in the world for tonight.


I’ve sort of been obsessed with this concoction of mine lately.  i don’t have any shrimp, bok choy or udon noodles left, so this is it for this week.
Udon noodle soup: with shrimp and bok choy in a miso broth.