Okay, I’m not sure how thrilling today is, but it is Thursday and my last day of work this week. So, I guess that’s pretty thrilling. Today is the same old routine, work, gym, write; with a little packing thrown in for good measure. I’m going out to the Hamptons tomorrow afternoon with some friends. I can’t say I’m entirely looking forward to the experience, but I’ve sworn to make the best of it. If it were just me and my friends I’d be down, but we’re staying at some guy (who is significantly older, and I’m pretty sure my friend knows bibically from time to time)’s condo, and he’s invited a bunch of his lecherous friends. How thrilling. Last night well on the phone with another friend who is coming along we made a pact to not let the other leave any drinks unguarded. I’m sure it’ll be fine, and I’m really only concerned with making my way to the beach (while wearing the highest SPF sunblock I can buy) and reading. Creepy old dudes be damned. I’m planning on taking the first train back Sunday morning (which is the only train back Sunday morning, and it’s at 7am). All in all I’m aiming for about 30 hours in the Hamptons. All this to say-I probably won’t be blogging again till Monday.


Egg white omelet with lite chedder
Whole grain toast
Coffee with splenda and 1% milk


Nonfat plain Greek yogurt
Low fat granola