It’s gross out, but last night was a great night. Cool, clear sky-that’s the way it should always be. Last night I went to the uber chic Blue Ribbon Brasserie. I was amazed that we got a table in less than an hour-seriously eating in New York is quite the testament to patience. The food was wonderful, as was the wine. Here’s the recap:

Dinner 8.5.08

Pita with Hummus (I forgot to take a picture before we’d already dug in)


Vegetable Kabobs with a mint-yogurt sauce and couscous salad

I also had two glasses of Pinot Gris. I keep saying I’m not going to drink, but I do. I must say though a combination of midol and wine is a perfect cramp reliever-not that I’m endorsing mixing drugs and alchohol (but, I sort of am).

On to today…

It’s disgusting out, seriously. But on the upside this morning I felt very Devil Wears Prada as one of the people who work on the production end of Elastic Waist over in the magical world of Conde Nast is serving as my stylist, and they got me all sorts of clothes (on loan) to wear on the show. Fancy-shmancy I must say. I’d be perfectly happy to let someone else dress me on a regular basis-as my own personal taste is a little on the boring-conservative side. I’m big on cardigans, what can I say? I think tonight I’m going to finally do that exercise DVD to review. Tomorrow I’ll run.


Barbara’s Puffins Honey Rice cereal with banana and 1% milk
The same coffee I was drinking yesterday (one cup apparently lasts me two days)


The last of that chickpea eggplant stew (FINALLY!)
Apple with organic peanut butter


Salmon (in a soy marinade)
Sauteed mushrooms and spinach
Brown rice