Oh, Friday, glorious Friday. It was a long week.  But, I have a great weekend of Hooters and Baseball (Coney Island Cyclones) ahead of me.  And when I say Hooters, I mean Hooters, I’m going tonight to meet up with a friend and his wife (who I have only ever really seen in passing and it seems like I should actually know her) and tomorrow with two friends.  I have a class improv show tomorrow afternoon, then we’re going to hit up the mecca of all things wings and beer, then we’ll make our way over to Coney Island for a game, and probably a hot dog.  The thing is, my body has been a little out of whack lately.  I’m really trying to get back to good, so it’s not the best weekend for junkfood. I’m going to say that I’ll try to make the best possible choices and listen to the rumblings of discontentment in my stomach and not go too overboard-but we’ll see what really happens.  Eitherway, I’ll take pictures.

Last night I ended up forgoing girl-time, my friend was down for shifting our get together to brunch on Sunday, and I did a lot of stuff that needed to be done.  It felt really good going to bed knowing I had taken care ofall those little things that have been driving me crazy.  I did however not get up this morning to go to the gym like I’d planned.  I’m trying to shift my workout schedule to the mornings, especially for the days I don’t shoot in the AM, but it’s going to take a somewhat Herculean effort to get my ass in gear.  I’m working on it.

Dinner 7.31

Brown rice with sauteed vegetables (onion, spinach, mushrooms and tomato)



Nonfat yogurt with honey and walnuts
Green Tea


Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives and lite feta.  Lite balsamic vinaigrette.
Red Plum
Carrots with ranch dressing