I’m on hiatus from The Daily Special this week.  I’m probably the only member of the crew not actually going on vacation, but I still have work responsibilities and columns to write.  It’s nice though, not having to wear make-up.  Yesterday was spent in domestic bliss, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping.  I don’t know why I find all that so cathartic, but alack, I do.  Unfortunately my days of wandering around my apartment almost naked are over, tomorrow I get a sub-letter for the month of August.  I’ve really enjoyed this month of solitude.  Oh well.

Yesterday I made a chickpea, eggplant, potato stew.  I’ve made it before but found it sort of bland so this time I added a lot more spice and quite a bit of hot sauce.  Way better this time.  Here’s a peak at what it looked like while all fresh in the crockpot:

I feel much better knowing I have lunch for the week.  Not being prepared always makes me a bit unsettled.

Now for today:


Nonfat Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts


Chick pea & eggplant stew
Celery and Peanut Butter

I’m heading to a spin class after work, then I will take a last ceremonious naked stroll around my apartment before my privacy is interrupted tomorrow.