I’m on Long Island, home of Teddy Roosevelt’s Sagamoore Hill Estate and the great independant minor league baseball team The Long Island Ducks.  Yes folks, this is one special  place.  My mom has a doctors appointment today, so I’m out here to drive her since my father has to work.  I also have a book club meeting tonight, but since there was no actual book this month and I need to be back and functional in the city fairly early tomorrow I may skip the drinking and girl time to head back to Brooklyn.  In the meantime it’s a full day of waiting room a head of me.  I love me some waiting rooms.  Nothing like the smell of rubbing alchohol and the Young and Restless on mute to make a day seem full and productive.

I may not get to eat again till late, but considering I’m not particularly hungry since I ate my weights worth of appetizers last night, I think I’ll survive on the pretty standard breakfast I had today.

I can’t load pictures right now as my parents internet is completely non functional, but something tells me you can imagine what this would look like.

Honey nut cherios with skim milk
Half banana