Sorry for the late start today-I had to go bowling.  Yeah, you know how it is.  Hard life.  My company outing was today and we went bowling at Chelsea Piers.  So cute.  Honestly would make a nice date place, fun, good bar, good music.  It sort of reminded me of Lucky Strike in LA.  But, due to my bowling status I was unable to update the ole blogeroo.


Nonfat Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts
Pineapple rings (who knew they made cute lil single serve cans like that).

I’m going to try and get in another round of that Brazilian Dance exercise video.

I’m heading out to Long Island tonight to bring my Mom to the doctor in the morning, then back to the city for real life.   Seriously, I wish there were frequent trainer miles.

Dinner in the Suburbs
My friends picked me up at the train at around 10pm and we were starving as none of us had eaten dinner, so we did when any good suburban people would do.  We hit up Applebees for their half price appetizers after 10pm.  This was not a good idea.  My stomach is going to take a few days to recover from the shock.  I want to disclaim that we didn’t come close to finishing what was on the table in front of us.  In fact the significant others of my two besties (boobs pictured) will eat well today.

This is just so embarassing:
Mini burgers
Spinach artichoke dip
Buffalo Wings
Mozzarella sticks

Seriously it was like re-eating high school.