Suz and Kayla thanks for your tofu cooking ideas! You make it seem so easy. Next time I’m tempted to buy tofu I will think of you and heed your advice.

I received an email pertaining to fasting/cleansing yesterday, I figured I’d share it here:

“Hey Kim,
I’ve been thinking about a cleanse. My roommate in college used to cleanse from time to time, and her image conscious sister goes on annual retreats to Thailand or Cambodia or what-have-you to meditate with monks, drink juice, and eat nothing for a week. I myself have never cleansed, but I like the hype: “releases toxins stored in your skin and organs” “makes you appreciate food” “jump starts your digestive tract” (ahem I’ve also heard “gives you splitting migraines, bad breath, lethargy and all overall miserable time”) – That said, I thought you might write me/America a column about it if you should ever run out of column fodder.”

Cleanses are basically fasts; fasts don’t have to be “no food/no water” just the elimination of the majority of your normal foods in lieu of something else like juice or air, or tea. There have been multiple studies that show that bouts of calorie deprivation can lead to a longer life and have positive effects on the body, that being said, I’m sure there are just as many studies that say the opposite. I’m no nutritionist (although I do harbor secret fantasies of going back to school to be an RD), but my opinion of fasts is this: They’re okay if done in moderation and under supervision, but start small. If you’re going to experiment with fasting/cleansing first research extensively what kind of fast you’re interested in, don’t give yourself a time limit-start with a day and see how that goes, take stock of how your body feels. Do not exert yourself while fasting. All that being said, I’m not promoting fasting. I think there are less extreme ways to ground your body. When my body is feeling all wonky and out of sorts I eliminate animal products. I know my body has an easier time digesting plant based foods, but that’s it. I hope that was a bipartisan answer to your question-I think we all have the right to make the choices we deem fit for our own bodies, and maintain: I’m no expert.

Now, the meat and potatoes of this blog, so to speak. Food. Exercise. What’s what?

I went to a Raw Foods restaurant last night, the food was really good. Really elaborate. Really innovative. I’m a good cook, albeit a fairly boring eat on a daily basis, but my mind just doesn’t work the way a chef’s does. I would just never think of combining certain foods.

Dinner 7.21

Appetizer (not pictured): Ceviche made from avacado, musrooms, tomato, radishes and pinapple. Very refreshing. Not traditional ceviche in the sense that there was no fish involved. The avacado was super light and the pinapple was mixed in, it was sort of like an avacado-pinapple mouse; but in a good way.

Main Course (pictured above): zucchini blossoms stuffed with some sort of magical nut cheese (Okay the term nut cheese is funny right? Yes, in my head I’m a 13 year old boy.) I’m not sure how one makes cheese from nuts (is no one else laughing at this?), but it worked and it was very cheese-like. There were tomatoes and avocado strewn about, as well as a calamata olive puree.

Dessert (not pictured-wow, I’m only 1 for 3, talk about lapsing on blogging duties): Some sort of insanely good chocolate encrusted hazelnut tort dome-thing.

There was also wine and a beer thrown in for good measure. Needless to say, I’m hitting the gym today.



(Disclaimer: this is exactly the same picture I used yesterday. I was running late this morning.)
Smoothie with soy milk, strawberries and banana. It’s sort of like drinking a strawberry milkshake for breakfast, life is good.


I really am ill-prepared this week. I didn’t pack lunch today so deli sushi it is. One of these days my trust in the deli workers of America is going to be my undoing.
Vegetable Soup
California Rolls (I only ate half, that’s a lot of food)


Major meat cravings last night-it happens about once a month.  I think it’s an iron thing.  I did my best to quench the cravings and have a relatively blanced meal.  I used one (fairly small) sirloin steak and some frozen shrimp and made four kabobs.  If you want to make your food go a long way, put it on a stick.
Salad with light vinaigrette
Grilled kabob with shrimp, steak, onion and tomato
Whole Wheat Couscous

Exercise: I did a Brazilian Dance exercise video, which will probably be reviewed next week on Elastic Waist, so I won’t spill the beans just yet.  I’ll probably do it a couple of more times before I do a write up though, just to be fair.