I’ve been pretty bad at keeping this current over the last few days.  I’m better now.  Priorities juggled, back to blogging.

This weekend I learned something I’d already known.  I am completely incapable of cooking tofu.  If any of you have any tofu cooking tips, please bestow them upon me, because I’m a total wreck.  I made a stirfry for dinner last night and basically had to pick out all the tofu as it was just totally disasterous.  The remaining veggies were good though.

Speaking of veggies, I’m going to a raw foods restuarant for dinner tonight. Link: http://www.purefoodandwine.com/. It looks amazing.  Who knew that raw foods could still be cooked, just below a certain temperature?  Not me.  The internet is a magical place full of so much information.  I’ll be sure to report back on my adventures in raw dining.

Meanwhile, the rest of my day consists of:


Smoothie with soy milk, frozen strawberries and banana
banana (not pictured)


Vegetable Stir fry with brown rice
Apple sauce