I took pictures of my food today.  I promise, I just totally forgot to email them to myself before i left to shoot the show this morning.  Now, I’m pretty much the most boring eater on the planet, so you can probably picture what said food looks like.  I’ll list it, and add pictures when I get home later tonight.  Much later tonight as I’m meeting a friend after work for happy hour and pizza (have I mentioned that I don’t like pizza so much) at the best pizza place ever.  I actually like this pizza. It’s a restaurant called Adrienne’s on Stone Street in Manhattan, and it’s unbelievable.  Then, after drinks and pizzarific goodness we’re heading over to a birthday/going away party for a friend who is moving to LA to live with her boyfriend.  My roommate is moving to LA to live with his girlfriend.  Why do people keep moving cross country to be with their significant others, sheesh, it’s not like it’s not totally fulfilling to sit around pining all the time.  Whatevs.  So, yeah, pics will be up late.  I will however post dinner from last night.

I went out last night and shared a bottle of wine and grabbed dinner at my favoritist kitchy diner in Manhattan, which is not to be confused with my favoritist kitchy diner in Brooklyn.  I didn’t take pictures of my wine, because well, there’s really only so weird I’m willing to be for the sake of blogging.

Dinner from 7.16.08

Okay, I did not eat all of this monster salad.  Enormous!
Asian Chicken Salad w/ lettuce, fried wanton noodles, mandarin oranges, mango, hearts of palm, carrot, fried chicken, almonds (I think, can’t really remember) and a sesame ginger dressing.


Whole wheat english muffin with plum-cherry preserves from SaraBeth’s Kitchen

half a canteloupe
baby carrots