Yesterday my column on Elastic Waist was sort of Kim Challenge-esque, or totally Kim Challenge-esque as the case may be.  I wasn’t originally intending to, but I wrote a whole thing about no-cook summer recipes, then realized that Anne had already wrote a very similar article earlier in the week and that would have been redundant, not to mention toe-steppy.  I do read EW on a regular basis, I’m not sure why I didn’t catch that earlier.   So, I was pretty harried to get an article done, and figured I’d stick to what I know, and I know that I take pictures of what I eat.  

Last night I saw a play that was based on the cockpit recordings of planes that were in crashes.  It was pretty intense and made me reconsider every flying again.  I’m always up for checking out new genres of theatre and writing because I sort of resent the Disneyfication of Broadway and the theatre industry in general. It may not be obvious from my current career, but I am most primarily a theatre actress.  I never expected to be in front of the camera.  Plus the stage is much more forgiving to my non-minuscule frame.  You can be a size 8 in the theatre world and still get ingenue roles (which tend to be pretty boring, but that’s what I get a lot of the time), whereas on camera anything over a size 4 is unfathomable.  It really is a rough industry.  I think being judged on my body constantly has actually given me a much thicker skin in regard to societal pressures.  Of course, that’s after being in this industry for quite a while.  (I started modelling at two, and started acting at eight.  Which means from a very young age I was being told to lose weight.)  Anyhoo, that was a tangent, but I was fascinated with the style of reality based theatre, although it was somewhat technical and dry.  Then I hit up an improv show, which was not particularly good.  I know I’m a comedienne and perform improv regularly, but I have no tolerance for bad improv, and there’s a lot of bad improv.  Some of which I’ve been a part of, hence me heading back to the classroom to hone my skills.

Post theatre and pre improv my friend and I hit up a chinese dineresque restaurant.  It was really cute, called Mooncake Food. I had a bowl of vegetable wonton soup. I tend to stick to soups when I eat out because they’re filling but generally not particularly unhealthy.  It helps that I’m not a big fan of creamy soups, otherwise that statement would be not completely true.

Last Night’s Dinner

Vegetable wonton soup

Now for today.  I got up late, did some work, had some breakfast, now I’m off to the gym and to do a little more work.  Tonight I’m meeting up with some friends for dinner and fun Saturday night activities that have yet to be decided upon.  Have I ever mentioned my proclivity toward being a third wheel.  It’s actually my rightful place in life.  I’m an only child, so I think I just work well as the tag-along.  I have an amazing number of couple friends that I befriend individually as a couple.  Tonight is a third wheel night, and I like it.


whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter
coffee with soy milk


Grilled Halibut
Brown rice with lentils
Avocado, tomato, cucumber with lite vinaigrette.

I spent the evening with my friend Becky, we spent a decent amount of time walking around then hit up Max Brenner’s Chocolate by the Bald man for dinner.  I’m a sometimes chocolate person, when I eat chocolate it better be good. I’ve never been one to crave a candy bar, but I certainly appreciate a well made dessert.  Before dessert of course there was food.


Israeli Couscous salad w/ arugala, chickpeas, almonds, hearts of palm, feta and Israeli cous cous; tossed in a lemon vinaigrette


We shared the smores, but really only had two.  It was a lot of smore, but oh so good.  I definitely enjoyed the combination of the pureed rasberry with chocolate on the graham cracker with the marshmallow.  Mmmm…

After dinner we were so full we went for another pretty long walk to let things settle.  A perfect night in the city with a great friend.