My blog on Elastic Waist today is about getting back on track after a junk-funk.  I don’t really consider myself dieting, while the SELF challenge was going on I tried to follow their guidelines, but now, I’m just trying to eat healthfully and normally.  The holiday weekend and all the back and forth from Long Island got me into a bad groove with food and off hours with exercise.  Right nowr I really have to focus on regrouping and eating the way I feel best.  Hot dogs are a sometimes food.  Right? Right.  i went grocery shopping today because I really needed to have some food options.  Just having a full fridge makes me feel a sense of security.

Tonight I’m going to a friends house for a home cooked Indian dinner.  Hoorah!  I’ll take pictures.


Oatmeal with lite sour cream
Green Tea




Whole Wheat Pasta with brocolli, red pepper sauce and shredded cheese.