I did not blog all weekend. That mainly had to do with the fact that I left my camera at home and the internet connection at my parents wouldn’t allow me to connect my laptop to their wireless, so really blogging was out of the question.  I will admit to you that I ate more hot dogs this weekend than I have in the last 5 years combined.  They were awesome.  But, now it’s time to back away from the processed meats.  I didn’t go grocery shopping, because I spent most of the weekend on Long Island and what was left of yesterday was spent writing, editing, researching stuff for Elastic Waist.  Yeah, my ass is slowly taking the shape of my couch.  I did go for a pretty long run yesterday, I needed to get out some pent up frustration and I find running to be the best way for me to handle stress.  I’m not going to lie, I feel totally overwhelmed right now, three jobs is a lot, writing is hard because it’s very personal and I have a hard time balancing what I think is interesting and what I think other people will think is interesting.  Really, I read books about scientific studies for fun, I’m not totally normal.  I think all this will get easier with practice.  I just hope the readers will bare with me for a while as I get my feet wet.

I didn’t grocery shop, and I’m going to be on Long Island tonight/tomorrow because my dad will be in the hospital, so I’m pretty much just eating what I have around the house.  Not totally balanced, but I’m trying to keep it healthy.


Smoothie with soy milk and frozen mixed berries
I also had a gigantic coffee with half and half and 2 sugars


Four steamed vegetable dumplings and a soy dipping sauce (guess what I had for dinner last night?)
I feel like this might not enough to hold me over till dinner, I may grab some fruit or a salad or something to go along with that.

Exercise: I’m going to do a FIRM dvd before I head out to Long Island tonight.  I’ll be sitting around in a waiting room all day tomorrow, I need to get in some exercise while I can.


These were all the salad fixin’s I had left in the fridge: cucumber, tomatoes, olives and feta, topped with lite vinaigrette.