Happy Birthday to my BFF Michelle. She doesn’t read this blog, so I’m pretty sure she wont’ see that, but it needed to be done. I get out of work at 1pm today (gotta love holiday weekends) and then will be heading out to Long Island to go booty shakin’ for said birthday celebration. As per my blog yesterday on Elastic Waist, there really isn’t anything better than a night out with the girls. I will actually be going back to LI on Monday night because my father is getting surgery on Tuesday. Ugh, I worry about that man. I think there is something missing in the male psyche. Like, oh, a gene that says “hey, I should probably eat things that are good for me.” My dad had a heart attack that actually went unnoticed a couple of years ago, we found out about it after he had some tests done to see why his heartbeat was irregular and found out that part of his heart was damaged from said heart attack. They didn’t put a stint in then, but cautioned him to take better care of himself and put him on cholesterol medication. Well, two years later we’re back where we started and now he’s getting the stint. I’m sort of a worrywart by nature, but my father really sets me over the edge, it’s like he doesn’t understand that eating 3-4 candybars a day is unhealthy. Okay, I needed to vent. So, basically it will be a big weekend of out to Long Island, then back to the city to shoot on Monday, then back to long Island, then back to the city to shoot/work on Wednesday. I wish there were frequent train miles because I spend an uncanny amount of time on the Long Island Railroad.


Peach yogurt


Greek Salad with lettuce tomato, cucumber, feta and olives
homemade vinaigrette

I’m having some issues loading the pictures today, I’ll add them from home later. Sorry!