It’s really nice to be back in New York (city that is, technically my family is in New York). Those t-shirts are right, I <3 New York. I guess there is truth in advertising. I got my tarot read this weekend. Apparently I’m getting knocked up within the next 3-6 months. Start planning the baby shower! I’ve read cards for a long time, and although the combination of cards can indeed be indicative of a pregnancy, it can also be indicative of a new chapter for growth in your life. I tried to persuade the reader that way but she was pretty steadfast that I’m going to be a mama. I’m still going with my interpretation (but hey, I’m not going off the pill). There actually is a new opportunity for growth for me and my life is about to get even busier. The month of July will be a trial run as a blogger on Elastic Waist. So, not only will I be blogging here, and Food for Thought, but now Monday-Friday you can see my writing on Elastic Waist. I’m very excited by this opportunity and hope that you’ll check it out! Now, I’ve got to figure out how to be interesting on camera and in writing EVERYDAY! So, if you have topics you’d like for me to touch on, especially about living a healthy lifestyle sans societal pressure let me know.

I’m not eating for two just yet 😉 so I had a pretty standard breakfast. I didn’t have time to get groceries so lunch will be a surprise. I’m even having my groceries delivered tonight because I’m so stretched for time! Eeek, who am I?


Smoothie with Plain soy milk and frozen mixed berries.


Man food prices really are going up. My lunch cost almost $10. That’s outrageous!
Vegetable Soup
Salad with lettuce, tomato, yellow pepper and tuna/pasta salad.


Peach Yogurt

Alright that probably wasn’t most healthy dinner.  I mean certainly not unhealthy, but I could have eaten more.  It’s hot in my apartment which means sometimes eating isn’t the most appealing option.  I’ll work on that.

Exercise: I did a firm strength DVD.   I love those DVDs they really do kick my ass.