Mom’s are the best.  They really are.  I’ve always liked to have something cakey with coffee.  So this morning, before I got up, my mother baked an apple cake to have for breakfast.  Ah, pampering.  This is the life.  Of course, I haven’t been drinking coffee quite as regularly and only had half a cup, but the cake was tasty.  Just what the doctor ordered.  I’m most likely going to spend today helping my mother clean the house.  Does that count as exercise? I have my book club tonight.  This month’s theme was a foodie book, which is right up my alley, except I’m still reading Atlas Shrugged, so I didn’t get to read it.  But I bought the book, Food in History, and I will proudly display it on my lap this evening.  Perhaps as a coaster for my wine.


Apple cake
Coffee with half and half


Lentil Soup
I also had a homemade chocolate chip cookie but neglected to photograph it.