Today is my half birthday.  I know, what adult counts half birthdays?  Well, I do, gosh darnit!  I’m not going to be embarassed.  I like to take any and every opportunity to appreciate myself.

We shot the round table this morning.  I really like the ladies.  I love that they all have different opinions, and off-camera they’re all super nice.  The Crew of the Daily Special is predominantly male, and most days it’s just me and a bunch of dudes, so it’s nice to walk in and have estrogen in the air.  I was however reprimanded for not moderating strongly enough.  Meaning I let people go on too long.  I can’t help it, I was raised to be polite and let people finish speaking, but now I’m on a mission to learn to interrupt people.  Good values be damned!  My homework assignment is to watch Hardball with Chris Matthews and see how he does it.  Chris Matthews always makes me laugh though because his face is entirely botoxed and he wears a boatload of make-up.  This could be a hard homework assignment.

Tonight, instead of the gym (oops) I’m going to a wine and chocolate pairing with my Aunt.  Then I’ve got a date!  Eek.  Drinking wine before a date set to go get a drink is possibly a bad idea.  I’m going to really only take small sips.  Wine always hits me like a ton of bricks.  But yeah.  I have a date.  Eek.  Also, I’m having chocolate and wine for dinner, not bad.


I decided to have a bigger breakfast since I wouldn’t really be eating dinner.
Smoothie with (1) banana, frozen berries, and 1 cup plain soy milk
Organic Peanut Butter on whole grain toast


Low fat vanilla yogurt
Berries (strawberries, blackberries and raspberries)

I’m going to try and look busy.  I’m going to assume it’ll be a little weird to take pictures of the chocolate and wine, so I’ll refrain.  But I’ll let you know how the date goes 😉