I’m going out to lunch and then to a New York Liberty game with my mother and my aunt.  Now, my aunt is really the only one into the the Liberty, my mom is absolutely dreading this, and I’m fairly indifferent.  Should be an interesting dynamic.  There’s the possibility of a copious amount of nagging/coddling happening, so I need to prepare.  I love my family they’re great.  They also know how to push my buttons and each others buttons which is more likely the case with my aunt and mom.  Fun times.  I’ll be leaving the game early to head over to my improv class.  God knows I’ll need the comic relief.

Also, I’m under 140.  That’s crazy talk.  I’ve weighed in at 139 the last few days.  I haven’t worked out this week for a multitude of reasons (gym closed, saddness and now my asthma is acting up).  I think once I hit the gym again my muscles will probably swell and push me over the 140 mark again.  But hey, I never thought in my adult life I’d weigh below 140 so I’ll take it.


Green Tea
Oatmeal with lite sour cream and a bucket full of salt.


Whole Wheat pancakes


Rice and Lentils
Vegetable kabob

The game was good (the Liberty won and had their all time highest scoring game), and my mom and aunt weren’t nitpicking with eachother so it was an all around pleasant day.  Even my improv class was highly entertaining.  There’s a girl in the class (who is hilarious, and a total natural on stage) who mentioned that she missed class last week because she had to go to her father’s funeral.  I felt so stupid for moping around the last week.  There are such bigger problems I could have.  I should feel grateful my life is as wonderful as it is.  My heart goes out to her.  I don’t know what I would do if something happened to my family.  Speaking of family.  My mom, aunt and I have a new family ring.  It’s sort of a joke, but we’re all wearing it:

 (at least it’s a dainty skull)