Sorry about the hiatus.  I needed a little time to be sad and appetiteless and sleep when I wasn’t at work.  But, I’m good.  I even have a few dates lined up (seriously, who sent out the memo?)  Tonight I’m heading out with some friends for Thai food and drinks although I feel like I need to cut back on social drinking.  I have always considered drinking a “sometimes” thing, but lately much of my social life revolves around going out for drinks.  I guess it’s an element of being young and single in NYC or anywhere, but I think I may opt for some non-alcoholic choices.  But, on the up side, there’s nothing better than good friends and good food to lift the spirits.

Another spirit lifter was the new pants I bought.  I was starting to get a lot of comments about the saggy-butt thing going on with my pants, so I finally invested in smaller pants.  I must admit, my booty looks fantastic in pants that actually showcase it. 


My appetite isn’t quite up to par yet, but I have been forcing myself to eat.
Whole Grain English Muffin with apricot preserves
Tea with Honey


I had some of that red and black bean soup from a couple of weeks ago in the freezer so I brought that to work today, but then I got a craving for crunchier foods, so I grabbed a salad at the local deli.  I didn’t finish either, because combined that’s a lot of food, but I did get decent amount of my fruit/vegetable intake in.

Well I stuck to my guns.  Sort of.  I had one drink and then switched to water for the rest of the night (much to the dislike of our waitress).

Mai Tai
Thai noodle soup with shrimp

Thai food tends to scream greesy to me.  The soup was the only thing on the menu that seemed remotely lite.  There was bok choy in it, but I really was lacking in vegetables this meal.  I always feel weird when I have a meal without fruit or vegetables.  But, all in all it was a night of moderation.  I made the best choices I could in the situation and it was great to see my friends.  I love summer time in the city.  It should always be summer.  I’m going to have to write a letter to Mayor Bloomberg about that, see if he can work on that for next year.