I don’t really have much of an appetite.  I sort of ended things with the guy I’d been seeing for the last four months, and although we certainly weren’t in love, and I had very little pretense about this being a long term relationship, it’s always sad to see something end.  And well, my appetite is reflecting that I guess.  Or I have psycho-symptematic salmonella–I really do need to stop eating tomatoes.

I have a training all day today, so I need to get this confessional in early, so here’s the rundown for today:


Whole grain toast with organic peanut butter


Lowfat vanilla yogurt
strawberries and raspberries

Today is my roommates birthday so there’ll probably be some sort of gathering this evening, perhaps I’ll be up for a spin class first though.  It depends on how much I eat, if my appetite doesn’t pick up I’ll probably not be too eager to burn 500 calories, that would be not so good.