Have I declared my love of weekends recently?  Because man, oh man, I love weekends.  I’m not totally capable of sleeping late, but I enjoy the option I would have to do it if I were able to sleep past 7am.  It’s sunny out, it’s warm but not excruciatingly hot.  I may go see a free concert in the Central Park today.  Could summer time get any better.  I don’t think so.  Well, perhaps if I had a tub of Rocky Road Ice Cream, but hey, that’s totally doable, I can indeed find myself a tub of ice cream to roll around in.  Until I find that, I’ll have brunch.  I already went to the gym, I went for a run and did some ab work.  Yesterday we shot an Urban Rebounding segment at the shwankiest gym I’ve ever seen!  I was drooling.  It was probably embarrassing for those around me.  Barbara, the instructor that was showing me the rebounding ropes offered up some free passes to me and the camera guy.  Woot!  I’m going to work out like the other half do!


Egg white omelet with sauteed peppers and lite Swiss cheese (did you guys know Trader Joe’s sells frozen diced peppers!)
Whole grain toast with apricot preserves.
I also made myself a giant iced coffee with sugar free vanilla syrup and soy milk (not pictured)

I’m gong to finish cleaning up my apartment then walk around Brooklyn.  I love my neighborhood but I so rarely get the opportunity to take it in.  Today is the perfect day for a nice leisurely stroll. 


Apple and Organic Peanut Butter