Alright here’s the recap from last night’s dinner!  Was it the best Indian food in New York City?  Maybe that I’ve tried thus far.  Best I’ve ever had? No, that award goes, strangely enough, to a restaurant on Long Island (I know, of all places) called the Curry Club (cheesy, yes.)  But it was mighty tasty and the company was supurb.

Here’s the run down of what we had.  Now, I have to admit that the listing below may or may not be accurate.  I went ot the website and chose the descriptions that most resembled the foods I think I ate.  How’s that for assuring?


Chat Papri: Mixture of crisps, potatoes, and chick peas in yogurt and tamarind sauce
Mushrooms: Don’t ask me to describe them besides saying they were yummy and there was clarified butter involved.


Sag Paneer: Flavorful blend of spinach and cheese
Baingan Bhurta: Broiled eggplants cooked with onion, tomatoes, and ginger
Dal Makhani: Black lentils and red kidney beans flavored with tomatoes, ginger, and fresh coriander
Malai Kofta: Soft cheese and vegetable croquettes simmered in mild curry sauce
Rice and Nan and all their carby goodness.

I was so stuffed; stuffed like I haven’t been in a long time.  It was all truly delicious though, the kind of yummy that makes you eat way too quickly so the fact that there’s food all the way up to your neck really hits you by surprise.  I almost had to roll myself back to Brooklyn, luckily the subway could handle the extra load.

Now onto today.  I have the same dilemma as earlier in the week: run like the wind or sweat like the pig?  As much as I felt disgusting after Bikram yoga the other day, it really does make such a difference in the way my body feels, and the way my muscles look.  Although, right now my body feels sore.  Not that I mind, I consider soreness a badge of honor in regard to exercise. Sort of the bruises are badges mentality, except less purple.  We’ll see.  I figure I’ll see how I feel when I get home tonight.  This morning I felt completely exhausted, I think it may have been from all the eating, big meals tend to make me super groggy the next day.  I wonder why that is?  Oh well, stream of consciousness writing is fun, right?  I even had a hilarious episode at about 2 am where I had a charlie horse in each leg (I didn’t have any bananas yesterday due to their mushiness, and I tend to need them to keep me balanced in the hydration department) at which point I went to stand up to stretch them out, but slipped on something and fell on right on my arse.  Alright, so it wasn’t hilarious at the time, but now that I’m more lucid, and caffienated, it seems pretty funny.  All this to say that perhaps an activity that doesn’t completely dehydrate me is a the better choice.  

Food, right, that’s what this blog is about.  Here you go:

Barbara’s Puffin’s Cereal: Honey Rice flavored with strawberries and 1% milk
Coffee with 1% milk and splenda (then I had another cup of coffee with half & half and sugar when I got to work)


Doesn’t it get boring reading about me eating the same thing most days.  I wish I were more adventurous, but honestly, I just don’t have the time.
Spinach Lasagna
2 Plums

Alright, I’m on to the magical world of office-bitchery. Today is my Friday, my office has a work extra hours for 9 days get every other Friday off thing going on.  It sucks for those 9 days, but hey, tomorrow will be nice.


Grilled Tilapia
Steamed Zucchini and Steamed Carrots

Pre Workout Snack: Whole grain bread with organic peanut butter.

I hit the gym after work, it was a much needed stress reliever.  In fact I ran, then did strength training then still needed to blow off some steam so I hit the stair-climber.   I had wine with dinner, I never really do that unless I’m at a restuarant, but I’m constantly hearing the health benefits of regular wine drinking.  It doesn’t feel natural to me to drink alchohol with dinner at home, so I don’t know I should force this habit, but I might try it a few more times.  I sort of have this prejudice against drinking alone, it seems like a dangerous activity to me.  Perhaps I was a teatottler in a past life.