I went to Bikram yoga last night.  It felt like really bad sex.  It all just felt sticky, dirty and made me nauseous.  Worse yet; the heat that I felt violated me wouldn’t just leave when it was all over and done with. I left the studio and there it was waiting for me.  In a sick twisted way I’m proud that I survived the ass-whooping, but I wonder deep down inside if Bikram isn’t just my fall/winter exercise of choice and I should possibly take a Vinyasa or Hatha class over the summer, you know, somewhere air-conditioned.

Note to Kayla from yesterdays comments: I don’t mind at all, of all the questions you could ask me, I think my height is probably the most benign.  I’m 5’4″, the averagest of average heights.  I hope that helps.

 What do I consider fad exerice trends?  Hmm.  That’s a good question.  Last summer my exercise fad was Belly Dancing, it wasn’t much of a workout but it was really fun bonding time with my girlfriends.  I thinkTreadmil classes in which participants wear weighted vests are pretty faddy.  I think any sort of extreme exercise ala The Biggest Loser Campus is faddy, I think Punk Rope classes are faddy.  I really believe that anything that makes you wish you were dead is not something you should do.  Exercise should be challenging, but also enjoyable.  Even if you’re getting great results, if you don’t like it, you’re not going to stick with it.  Nor are most people going to stick with exercise regimens that require them to give up their lives ala the Biggest Loser.  Those people get amazing results, but it’s also their full time job.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not spending seven hours a day in the gym.

Speaking of the gym, after my Bikram class (which doesn’t happen at the gym, but I had to seguay somehow) I needed sustinance, but it was hot and I was tired and didn’t feel like cooking, so I had quite possibly the strangest dinner ever.  And, NO I’m not pregnant.

Dinner 6.10.08

Smoothie with 1% milk, banana and frozen raspberries
2 Pickles

Now for today’s food. . .

Breakfast 6.11.08

Whole wheat English muffin
1 egg white
Grilled Tomatoes (Hmm, I hope I don’t get salmonella)
Lite Swiss Cheese

Lunch 6.11.08

Spinach Lasagna (surprise, surprise!)
2 Bananas They were way too mushy to eat, bummer.

Tonight is my night off from the gym.  I’m heading to Queens with a friend to get what is apparently the best Indian food in New York City.  Just the commute back and forth from Queens will be an all night adventure, but if the food is as good as they say it is, it’s well worth it.