I’m having a dilemma.  Should I go to Bikram yoga tonight?  I really haven’t been going as regularly as I used to, and I really did think that Bikram had an amazing effect on my body, BUT it’s really hot out and going into a 105 degree room has its dangers, also because sometimes it takes them a while to equalize the temperatures and lately the rooms have been way hotter than 105 because the internal heating system is not recognizing the fact that the room is already super-duper hot.  OR should I go to the nice air-conditioned gym and run and do some strength training?  Pretty standard workout, you know?  Hmmm.  I woke up battling this decision.  Why is this so important in my psyche?  Perhaps it’s time to try a new type of exercise to peak my interest for a while.

My roommate is coming home tomorrow from his sojourn in LA for a few days, then he’s going back out to LA, then he’s heading to Martha’s Vineyard for the rest of the summer (nice life, huh?), so I feel like tonight has to include some cleaning up.  I’ve gotten pretty comfortable having all this space to myself. 

The food choices for today are pretty standard. 


Barbara’s Puffins Cereal: Honey Rice with banana and 1% milk


Spinach lasagna
Banana (they’re all ripening way too quick in this heat, it’s banana fest for the next few days!)
2 Plums