Shall we revel in the hilarity of vanity sizing for a minute.  I often talk about this with friends.  We’ve come to the consensus that we don’t care what number is on the tag; if only sizes remained constant throughout stores.  Let’s take this weekend for example.  Now, I’ve lost some weight, yes, but I’m no skinny mini.  But this weekend I decided it was time to buy a pair of jeans that fit, because the baggy-ass look was getting kind of old.  I stopped at Old Navy, because I figure I’ll get a starter pair of cheaper jeans and see how things go from there.  What size did I walk out with?  A size six.  Let’s be realistic here people.  I ain’t a size six.  It’s flattering, really it is, but it’s not real.  If I were a less ‘honest with myself’ kind of person this could be devestating.  Let’s say I bought this pair of size six pants, declared myself a six and then proceeded to only try on six’s from now on.  Muffin tops galore, oh the poor fashion choices I could make. . .

The meeting of the boy and the BFF went down.  It went well.  Whew, huge relief.  My friends opinions are extremely important to me.  Glad that’s done with.  I’m such a weenie about these things.

Sunday Recap:

Egg white omelet with spinach, feta, tomato and scallion
Rye toast with butter (not pictured)

Dinner/Lunch for the week
I made a spinach lasagna combining a 15oz container of 1% cottage cheese, 1 egg, a package of button mushrooms, one onion, a 2 lb bag of frozen chopped spinach, organic tomato sauce, half a bag of part-skim mozzarella and lasagna noodles (white not whole wheat-it’s what I had in the house).  It came out really well, and I’m not a lasagna lover, but this was very good and you couldn’t tell the difference between the cottage cheese and ricotta at all, although I did blend the cottage cheese and egg together with my hand blender to make it a smoother consistency.


Barbara’s Puffins Cereal: Honey Rice flavored
1% milk


Spinach lasagna

Exercise: It’s a scorcher again today.  I plan on hitting up the gym a spin class, but I’m seriously hoping the gym is adequately air conditioned, it hasn’t always been the case.  Just in case I’m going to drink even more water than I normally do (which is a lot) today.


Biggest Salad Ever: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, apple, walnut, feta, avocado and a homemade vinaigrette.

I did hit up that spin class this evening and it was adequately air-conditioned.  I guess I’m not going to have any excuses this summer.