It’s gonna be a scorcher today which is fine by me.  I love disgustingly hot weather.  Perhaps that’s why I enjoy Bikram Yoga so much.  My best friend is coming into the city for a girls day, which will consist of some museum hopping (I’m going to try and get some Kim Cam footage while I’m out (my director is so mad at me that I always forget to do that!), getting lunch/dinner, and (insert scary music here) her possibly meeting the guy I’ve been dating.  I’m super secretive about my dating life, even when I was a kid I would never disclose my crushes in fear of being made fun of relentlessly.  Now as an adult I get super nervous when my worlds collide.  I’m being silly, I know, but eeeeeek.  Okay, I will return to breathing and pretend to be a mature adult for a minute.

Thanks for your encouragement yesterday ya’ll!  Much appreciated.  To answer some questions: I’ve been pretty active for a while.  I’m actually a certified spin instructor, although I don’t teach so much anymore.  But I must say, since starting this blog/training for the Stair Climb/doing the Self Challenge I have been way more consistent and varied with my workouts.  Also, I’m not really aiming to lose anymore weight, but I am trying to make the healthiest choices possible.  I think, based on my bodies history, I’m probably levelling off right about now, so I’m not expecting any more drastic changes in my body.  Perhaps if I actually get serious about training for this half marathon I’m supposed to run in September but as of right now I’m still only running 3 miles.

Speaking of running…I got up early today and hit the gym before the heat set in. Also, 7am on a Saturday is no mans land at the gym, and I like the calmness of if all.  I ran and did some weight training,  just me and the old men in the weight room.  I don’t know why, and perhaps one of you can answer this for me, but my heart rate is sooooo much higher when I work out in the morning, and the run that usually seems pretty easy to me at night feels like a slow painful death in the morning.  Is this my bodies own anti-morning rebellion or is there some physiological reasoning?


Smoothie with frozen raspberries, 1% milk, dollop of yogurt and a small banana
Coffee (with splenda and 1% milk)

Alright, I’m off to pick the lucky sundress that makes it’s debut today.


I tried to choose the most well balanced of options the Chat & Chew was serving.
2 eggs over medium
Fruit Salad
2 Mini pancakes

We shared an appetizer of Bruscchetta
and for the grand finale I had a grilled shrimp salad dressed in lemon and orange dressing (so good!)

Now I’m off to nap before a night on the town, oh yeah and there will be drinks!