I’m wearing my skinny jeans sans muffin top today!  I bought these jeans two years ago and they were mis-sized, they’re probably closer to a junior 7/8 than to the 10 I wore then and when I tried them on I thought that they wouldn’t ever fit, even if I lost weight because they seemed to crush my hip bones.  I should have just returned them, but I was lazy and decided instead to hang them up on my wall as a goal reminder.  Well that lasted a while but I never really made any effort to lose weight and they just depressed me when I looked at them, so into the closet they went.  Until recently of course.  I tried them on a few weeks ago and the fit, even without laying down, but there was a bit of muffin top action, so I decided to give it a few weeks and TADAAAAAAAA!  No muffin top this morning, they glided on, fit like a glove (are slightly out of date because they’re 2 years old, but screw it, they’re now my feel good jeans).  I weighed myself this morning and was 140.  I think the last time I weighed 140 I was in middle school.  Seriously folks, what’s going on here?  Craziness I tell you, craziness.

My plan to go out to the motherland of Long Island for my monthly book club extravaganza has been buzzkilled.  I have to work late, which means my train wouldn’t get in till book club was just about over.  So, I think I’ll clean my apartment and do a FIRM DVD. There’s a spin class I love to take on Fridays but it starts at 6pm and I’ll still be at the office then, so unless they relocate to my cubicle, I’m pretty sure I’m missing out.


Coffee (with 1% milk and Splenda) I’ve been so good about the Green Tea but I really needed coffee.
Barbara’s Puffin Cereal Honey Rice Flavor (kind of boring actually) with 1% milk


Last night’s left over Tilapia and whole wheat pasta with broccoli and organic sauce

This is sort o a hodge-podge of what I had left in the house.  Nutritious?
Miso Soup
2 Hard Boiled Eggs

I think I may need to hit up the grocery store.