I spent the majority of my day yesterday working on my 5-year plan.  I’m a bizarrely organized person by nature.  Seriously, it can be scary to some people, mostly my family who are by nature wait and see kind of folk.  There are many moments when we’ve all wondered what bizarro combination of genes created me.  Let’s blame it on my German ancestry shall we.  I had a 5-year plan when I graduated from college, I completed it in 4 years. I’ve sort of been basking in the glory of an aimless life for the past few months, but the time has come to hash out some goals.  What struck me most about this version of the 5-year plan was that I’ll be 30 when it’s done, and in my personal goals I had “start thinking about kids” around the end of the 5 year mark.  Whoa nelly!  I’m not ready to be that mature.  It’s a good thing I’ve got half a decade to get to grown up level maturity. 

I was feeling kind of ill last night, but I did do a Firm exercise video because lets face it, I need to get myself on the exercise train.  I was still feeling kind of icky this morning, but do plan on running tonight. 


Decaf Green Tea (wanted to be easy on my already upset stomach)
Whole Grain Toast with Organic Peanut Butter
Half Cantaolope


Blackand Red Bean Soup (I’m getting bored of this)

I once saw a program about Japanese office culture and how they have napping rooms.  I want a napping room at work.  I wonder if there’s a particularly persuasive way to put that in a memo?

“Dear Management,

I would be much more productive if I were sleeping.  Quieter as well.  Please consider creating a quiet, comfortable and safe space for me to rest my weary eyes during the work day.

Best wishes,



**I had a banana and a handful of walnuts before my run.  I made dinner even though I wasn’t really hungry, but midway through my stomach basically gave up, so I really only ate half of what’s pictured.**
Grilled Tilapia
Whole Wheat pasta
Steamed Brocolli
Organic pasta sauce


I ran 3 miles after work and it felt amazing!  I’m still feeling pretty sick to my stomach, but the run deinitely took my mind off it.  I so needed to get moving.