Yeah, you read that correctly.  There’s nothing quite like starting your day off with some tastey onion flavored watermelon.  I think that when they packaged my groceries at the supermarket this weekend they put the onion and the watermelon together and the short trip from the store to my apartment was all it took for the watermelon to absorb the taste.  It was a little gross, but I ate it anyway because I’ve been craving watermelon.  I’m sad though, I like onion and I like watermelon, but there’s a limit.  Today is a no exercise day.  I’ve got a long day at work most likely till 7pm, then I’m meeting a friend for dinner, then I’m hitting up a Greenwich Village bar to watch a special someone play guitar and sing.   Swoon.


2 Hard boiled eggs
Green Tea


Spicy Red and Black Bean Soup
Oatmeal & Kashi bar? (Yeah, I skipped lunch because I had an interview that ran long, by the time I got back to the office I wanted something, so I ate the second half of an earlier eaten kashi bar and a packet of low sugar Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal I had in my desk)

Dinner: Food and Beer
Activity: Batting Eyelashes