I have been feeling seriously unfunny lately, which is cool except that my job is to be funny.  So, in an effort to spark the hysterical flames of my soul I’m starting an improv class this weekend.  It’s a level one improv class, which may prove to be truly frustrating for lil ole me because I’ve performed professionally as an improv comedienne for about four years now (but who’s counting?).   Why start at level one you say?  Well, because the improv schools of NYC are sort of cultish, which is why I’ve avoided them for so long.  They all have their own method and you have to work your way through the ranks.  Perhaps starting with the basics will be good for me though.  I can make mistakes and not feel like a failure, get all the bad form out of my system. 

Also (you should never start a paragraph with ‘Also’), I’ve been reading a lot of serious stuff lately, which has put me in a serious headspace, that may be adding to theun-funny.  Perhaps I should stop reading total downers like Atlas Shrugged.  Man, I get some mean looks on the subway with this book.  I’ve never read Ayn Rand before but from what I can tell, no one is neutral about her, people either love her or hate her.  Most of the people I associate with on a regular basis hate her.  My father on the other hand, who I consider one of the most brilliant men in creation, considers her one of his favorites.  So, I figured it was about time to actually read her to form my own opinion.  This makes people angry at me, like I should just take their word for it that she’s a she-wanker; I think that’s a bit fool-hearted though.  I mean, often times you can get a lot out of the ideals of someone you don’t necessarily agree with (just look at the Atkins Diet, I don’t agree with that at all, but I do agree that we eat way too much sugar, so there you go).  That’s my ramble and I’m sticking to it, for now I will consider my daily menu John Galt:


Whole Wheat English Muffin with Organic Peanut Butter
Black Berries
Green Tea


Chickpea and Eggplant Stew

I really do start the day with all good intentions, like to work out and eat a balanced dinner but then life happens.  A friend of mine is leaving the country for a month and is having a little going away dinner tonight, so what would have been my exercise time will now be quick shower and change time, and what would have been my slightly boring yet healthy dinner will now be corner bistro Italian and vino.  But, hey friends and good food are what life is all about right, these are the priorities you need to weigh.

Pre-Dinner Snack
Hard boiled egg
handful of walnuts
Dinner was postponed so then I ended up eating a sandwich with whole greain bread, three slices turkey bacon and laughing cow cheese

What can I say, snacks happen.

2 Oysters
2 Glasses of wine