Fooey.  I’m back at work.  I had taken Thursday through Tuesday off to relish in the wonder that is the world.  Well, and to visit my family, which is a different kind of relishing, but still relishing.  Now I’m back, behind a desk and boy do I have my fair share of busy work.  Luckily, we shot two Daily Special Episodes yesterday, we’re so sneaky, so I was off this morning which meant sleeping in.  I’m really digging sleep.  Sleep is fantastic!  Why hadn’t anyone told me sooner.  Also digging, the pill, now this might be too much information, but I recently went on the pill after a hiatus of a couple of years and MY BOOBS ARE BACK!  With the weight loss that occured from stair climb training and SELF Challenging, my girls were looking a bit deflated.  So, yeah, birth control rocks.  Boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs.  Yes, I might be a frat boy, but I say hey, if you got em you might as well love ’em.


Green Tea (I’m trying to ween down my coffee intake. )
Low fat yogurt with granola and blackberries (I love blackberries, I wish they didn’t go bad in like 5 minutes)


Chickpea & Eggplant Stew


Salad with lettuce, tomato, carrot, avocado and lite balsamic vinaigrette
Steamed Zucchini
Brown Rice and Lentils cooked in vegetable broth

 I was totally impressed with my lentil imbuing abilities.   Today’s call in guest was the author of The Jungle Effect, Dr. Daphne Miller (no relation).  The book delves into diets of indiginous communities, where their styles of eating evolved to best serve their communal needs and have been preserved for hundreds of years leading to people of remarkably good health today.  (Oh the jokes I want to make about my indigenous diet of a Long Islander, diner food and 7-11 being the primary staples.) When my producer gave me the book to read I was concerned that it was a diet book, but it really wasn’t, and I really did like it.  I don’t know that living the lifestyle of an indigenous people is that easy in the current state of modern world eating, but there were a lot of great points I took from it.  One being legumes and cooking them myself as opposed to buying the pre-soaked and boiled version.  So, tonight’s dinner was a testament to my desire to cook my own legumes.  Lentils are a good training legume because they don’t require soaking.  Baby steps. 

Speaking of baby steps,  I felt like a big ole baby at the gym today.  I’ve been running for a while now, and I’m training for a half-marathon (or at least I should be) but I felt like I was going to die on the treadmill tonight.  The half-hour that is usually like a warm up for me felt like the exercise equivalent of water-boarding (low blow?  too soon?) Okay, so the last time I worked out was last Thursday before I left to visit my family.  I did go dancing on Saturday night but I’m not going to call that exercise.  But I shouldn’t have felt like I was about to keel over either.  So yeah, I ran 3 miles today, I was going to do a FIRM video, and still may if I muster up the inspiration, but yeah, let’s just be honest here and say I ran today and call that my activity for 5.28.08.