I had a feeling this might happen.  I miss blogging my food.  That’s so strange.  I’ve noticed I’m less motivated to make positive food choices now that I don’t feel responsible to the interweb.  It’s weird how psychology works isn’t it?  So, starting Monday I’m going back to blogging my foody-food and exercise.  I don’t know that I’m trying to lose weight per se, but I am trying to eat to stay healthy and to keep me running effectively in my crazy life. 

So, if there are magazine diets you think are weird, awesome, torturous that you’d like me to try, send me an email and perhaps that will be my new blogging adventure.  I can be reached oh so discretely at kim@kimberlyraemiller.com.   In the meantime I’ll eat normally and see what that means. 

Oh the joys of the interweb.