This is it.  The end of the three-month SELF Challenge.  Time flies when you’re photographing and blogging about every morsel (okay not every morsel, but most).  I have to say that I’ve learned a few things about my body during the course of these few months.  I’ve changed the way I eat to some extent.  Meaning I eat fruits and vegetables at an alarming frequent rate.  Just yesterday I was hungry and all I could think of was having a piece of fruit.  Who thinks that!  I do now.  And I’m glad.  Of all thing challenge related I think what I will realistically take with me is always having fruit on hand, and eating meals high in veggie content.  So, what are the stats right?

Week One:
Weight: 153
Bust: 38.5
Waist: 29.5
Hips: 39
R. Arm: 12.5
R. Thigh: 24

Week 12:
Weight: 144
Bust: 37
Waist: 28
Hips: 38
R. Thigh: 22
R. Arm: 12


I don’t know about you, but I’m impressed with myself.  I lost 9lbs! And 6.5 inches!

So yeah, I’m not done yet.  here’s what I’ve eaten so far today-


Breakfast 5.17.08

Banana Latte Smoothie made with coffee, soy milk, banana, cocoa and cinnamon

I stopped by a local health food restaurant after my morning run and fell in love with the idea of this latte.  I could have coffee and fruit in a smoothie, talk about multi-tasking.  The cocoa and cinnamon in it were amazing, I’m so going to make this at home.  Oh yeah, and it was way more full when I got it, I drank most of it before I got home to photograph it.  Mmmmm, I love drinkable meals.

Dunner 5.17.08

Veggie Burger on whole grain bread with BBQ sauce and organic Cheddar
Corn on the cob
Chocolate milk

I spent most of the day cleaning my apartment and doing repairs around the house.  I didn’t realize till dinner time that I hadn’t eaten lunch.  No worries, I’m going to a birthday party tonight, I’m sure I’ll make up the calorie deficit!

Okey dokey, that’s it.  Sort of anti-climactic aint it?  Thanks for reading everyone, and best wishes for the future.  You can catch me on my other blog Food For Thought, where I talk about food in the news.  And of course, on THE DAILY SPECIAL on  I’ve really enjoyed this experience, but I am so looking forward to not taking pictures of my breakfast anymore!