Things were right on schedule yesterday.  I ran right after work.  I even increased my treadmill spead for a boosted challenge.  Then I hit up a Bikram yoga class, which was hot, very hot.  I was so invigorated after my run, but as soon as I entered that 100+ degree room I wilted, the class was a total chore, which was sad.  But I survived.  Then I went home for a pretty amazing dinner:

Dinner 5.13.08: Catch of the Day

Grilled Salmon (Gotta Love George Foreman Grill thingamabob)
Steamed Corn on the Cob
Garden Salad with lite vinaigrette.

The only problem with this dinner was the fact that I didn’t eat it till 10pm, then proceeded to go right to sleep.  I know there are conflicting reports on whether or not eating before bed is bad for you, but if didn’t eat before bed most of the time I just wouldn’t eat dinner.  So, I guess it’s better than starving.

Today is one of those boring monotonous days of boring monotonous work.  So yeah, a pretty average day.  I’ve been super tired lately, so I think that perhaps I might do a quick firm workout video then sleep  tonight, but we’ll see what actually ends up materializing. . .

Breakfast: 5.14.08-Like Captain Crunch only Organic

Barbara’s Peanut Butter Puff Cereal (I swear this is a grown up version of Captain Crunch) with 1% milk

Lunch 5.14.08: Redundant, that’s how I like my lunch

Vegetarian Chili

Now I’m off to the exciting world of data management, whatever that means. . .