There might be something wrong with me.  I went to bed preparing in my mind the lovely breakfast I was going to arrange.  Really.  Going to sleep thinking of breakfast reads of disordered food relationships, must reevaluate priorities.  Anyhoo, the glorious breakfast of yogurt, strawberries and granola I’d imagined didn’t happen because I woke up late (but I so needed the sleep) and had to run to the studio to do some voice-over work, quick and easy was the name of my morning meal.  Lunch is the same old veggie chili, but dinner should be different which I’m excited about, but I’ll save that for a later post.  It’s a big exercise day for me.  Run after work then hit up a 90-minute Bikram class with my yoga buddy.  This will be my first workout post UTI-week, hopefully bouncing-bladder-type-activities won’t be detrimental to my sanity.

Breakfast 5.13.08: Is this interesting at all?

Cereal with 1% milk
Coffee with milk and sugar (I got it from a street stand; no picture)

Lunch 5.13.08: Don’t worry, I have gas pills.

Vegetarian Chili
I’ll probably have a granola bar too because dinner will be on the late side.

In the mean time, sitting at my computer loading documents to an intranet seems like an awesome day time activity.  Why don’t I go do that?