After 2 hours in a Brooklyn waiting room I finally saw a doctor and after another hour waiting around the pharmacy, I have an antibiotic!!!!  Woo-hoo.  I, up until now, had been going to my home (meaning where I grew up, not where I consider home now) doctor, but it was getting a bit ridiculous travelling 2-hours each way anytime I needed an appointment.  I actually really liked this doctor, she was very nice.  I have never had a female general practitioner before, but I think I like it.  Coincidentally there was a quiz on FitSugar this week asking whether or not you prefer male or female doctors.  Unfortunately I can’t find the link to share with you, but if you’re freakishly intrigued by the gender to doctor preferences of complete strangers check out

On a self plugging effort, I must say that MY MOM was on the Daily Special today.  I was actually pretty nervous about this interview, mainly because she was so nervous.  She really is not a public speaker, hence her interview being over the phone, and well it’s my mom and I want to protect her from the harsh reality of being played in thousands of peoples homes all over the world.  But I think she did a stellar job, YAY MOM.  Her clip can be seen on

Now, I must admit that I still haven’t exercised.  I’m still in a bit of pain and taking it easy.  Hopefully the antibiotic will  have kicked in full throttle by tomorrow morning because I’m shooting at the SELF workout in the Park in Central Park way early in the morning.   Early because I have a 10:30pm Improv show tonight in the West Village and will probably go out and about to entertain the friends who’ve come all the way from Home (again, where I grew up, not where I live now) to see me. 

Okay, here’s the food recap so far:

Breakfast 5.9.08: I love Yogurt in the Spring Time

Nonfat Plain Greek yogurt with honey, strawberries and granola
Green Tea (decaf)

Lunch 5.9.08: Same Lunch Different Format

Whole Wheat Flat Bread with Hummus, roasted vegetables and feta.

Dinner 5.9.08: Fuel for the Funny

2 Spinach and Tofu empanadas topped with a roasted chipotle salsa
Steamed Brocolli

I’m not a vegetarian; I just eat like one.

It’s a dark and dreary night here, so I’m wonder what my aptitude for Improv hilarity is, but having people in the audience that I know and love always helps to boost my adrenaline levels which in turn boosts my quick-wittedness.  Fingers crossed.  I’m also hoping for less than frizzy hair, but I think that might be asking too much.