I didn’t post yesterday.  I was cranky due to  my UTI, and my boss was in town and took me out to lunch and then I met a friend for dinner, neither of which scenarios lended themselves to taking out a camera and photographing my food, you know?  I haven’t exercised all week and that’s kind of making me feel blah, we’ll see how my bladder is feeling toward the end of the day.  Perhaps I’ll make it to a spin class tonight.

In honor of my 69th post I had a phallic breakfast:

Breakfast 5.8.08: Is that a banana in your breakfast or are you just happy to see me?

2 hard boiled eggs


Lunch 5.8.08: Back to our regularly scheduled programming

Roasted vegetable sandwich with feta cheese on whole wheat roll
apple sauce

I wish I were more witty today, but I’m tired and a bit cranky and it’s rainy and gross out.  If I come up with more interesting food fodder, I’ll amend the post later.  How’s that?  Fair?